Criminal Law

For most people, being charged with a criminal offence will be an unnerving experience.

Criminal and disciplinary matters, including traffic offences, carry serious consequences that can affect your relationships and threaten your employment.

Contravening the law can result in a variety of outcomes from being issued with a Summons or Infringement Notice to being arrested and retained in custody before having to appear before a court.

But everyone has rights under the legal system and that includes have a lawyer present during any questioning.

It is therefore imperative that, from the outset, you are given the correct advice and that your case is properly managed through the criminal justice process.

Immediate advice from an experienced lawyer can be crucial to your defence and at Munro Legal we have the expertise to guide you through the criminal justice system.

We will examine all the evidence, consider every possible avenue for a defence, and ensure that above all your rights are protected.

But more importantly at Munro Legal we will treat you with the utmost respect and dignity while offering professional and confidential advice.

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