Domestic Violence

At Munro Legal, we are committed to helping to reduce the incidence of domestic violence wherever it occurs.


Our lawyers can either assist you with filing for a Protection Order (also called a “Domestic Violence Order”) or assist with you after you have filed on your own application or Police have filed an application on your behalf.


Protection Orders prohibit the other party (“called the Respondent”) from abusing, intimidating, harassing or threatening you. They can also limit or completely prohibit the person from having any form of contact with you, following you or attempting to locate you, and remove them from a previously shared residence.


Orders can be made on behalf of the person seeking the protection (“called the Aggrieved”) or other persons, including children, who have also been subject to or witnessed the behaviour of the other person, or even just witnessed the after-effects of violence.


It’s a common misconception that there has to be actual violence or threats of violence to obtain a Protection Order – in fact most of the cases we see involve people controlling others, using emotional abuse or financial control, or keeping another person isolated from their friends and family.  All this behaviours are now considered domestic violence in Queensland and can potentially be grounds for an Order.


If you have been the victim of domestic violence, there are a number of legal remedies available to help keep you safe.


In addition to Protection Orders, there are other steps we can take to help protect your physical safety and obtain financial support if you are divorcing your abuser or raising a child with him or her. And if the abuse committed against you constitutes a crime, such as assault, we can help you to navigate the criminal justice system and advocate for you with police and Court.


If you believe your life is in danger, please call 000. Once you are safe, contact us for advice without delay.


Alternatively, if you have been served with an Application for a Protection Order, we can advise you on your options.  We can also explain how you may still be able to pursue family law matters, including spending time with your children even if you are subject to a Protection Order.


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