Family Mediation

What is mediation?


Mediation is a method for resolving all types of family issues without going to court.  Decisions are made by you and your spouse or partner together with the help of a trained mediator.


The goal is to reach an agreement tailored to your particular circumstances, efficiently and cost-effectively.


While you control the process of resolving your dispute, an important role of the mediator is to keep the parties on task for accomplishing their goal of reaching agreements and to assist them in assessing the practicality and fairness of their proposed resolutions.

The Family Law Act requires that generally speaking, parties will be required to at least attempt mediation before the Court will hear an application for Parenting Orders.


What is the result?


If you are successful in reaching an agreement through mediation, we can either prepare the formal Agreement or draft Order setting out the specific terms of that agreement or we can prepare a Memorandum of Understanding summarizing the agreed-upon terms, and one of the parties’ independent lawyers will then draft the formal agreement.


Under either scenario, if you elect to mediate, each party should still receive advice and guidance from an independent lawyer experienced in family law.

Mediation can usually be arranged within a few weeks and is a very cost effective way of resolving disputes when c when compared to the costs of litigation . 


Contact us for more information about how a mediation process can assist you. 


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