Court Order made for Harvesting Reproductive Tissue from Deceased Son

The parents of Tony Deane have given us the honour of acting for them in relation to an Application which was made in the Supreme Court for Orders relating to the harvesting of reproductive tissue from the body of their deceased son.

They have authorised us to make a statement to the media relating to the fact that they did not oppose the making of the Order at the time, being sensitive to the fact that the tissue was deteriorating rapidly and that if an Order was not urgently made, the Court’s ability to rule effectively on the matter would be lost. The Court made the Order and a further Order that once the tissue had been harvested and stored for preservation, that it was not to be further dealt with unless and until the Supreme Court made an Order relating to it. So far no application for any other Order has been made.

Our clients have instructed us to indicate that on the evidence presently available, they would oppose any further dealings with the tissue. Our clients appreciate the fact that the media has agreed to their request to direct all enquiries relating to this most unusual and difficult case to us. They continue to grieve for the loss of their son and are receiving counselling and support in their hometown in New Zealand.

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