Keeping your Workplace Safe

Workplace Safety is the responsibility of everyone, not just the employer.

With October being Safe Work Month, we have put together a list of things you can do to ensure your workplace remains a safe one.

1) Ensure you are familiar with policies and procedures relating to workplace health and safety, and adhere to these guidelines. These policies and procedures are designed to keep you safe.

2) Tell your Workplace Health and Safety Officer (whether that be your appointed representative or your employer), about any possible risks to anyone's health and safety in the workplace that you notice.

3) Use any personal protective equipment provided to you by your employer. This equipment could mean the difference between you being injured and you staying safe.

4) Do not misuse any equipment, furniture, etc, that has been provided by your employer. In other words, use items for their intended use.

5) Do not put others at risk of being injured.

There are numerous resources out there to assist both employers and employees in keeping the working environment safe. These include -

Queensland Government - Keeping your workplace safe

Safe Work Australia

WorkCover Queensland

For more information on Safe Work Month, click here.

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