Inheritance Scams: Alert!

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Those words of warning are continually sounded, but each year in Australia several million people are likely to be subject to a scam.

So far in 2019, reports suggest that more than $46m has been surrendered to scams. Those included investment scams, dating and romance swindles and the traditional unexpected prize and lottery wins con. Sadly, Australians aged over 50 are the most common target.

Recently warnings have been issued about the fake business profiles on Facebook and now a fresh scam has just raised its head in South Australia with fears it could spread nationally. It is operating under the guise of a fake website purporting to be a law firm with the public receiving emails, including a fake application form, advising that they are entitled to an inheritance from a deceased relative.

The email requests personal informaiton so taht the process of distributing funds can be commenced. The email also provides a link to a professional-looking law firm's website, but which of course is fake.

Munro Legal criminal lawyer Shane Hough has again warned people to be on guard. "Unfortunately, these scams just continue to raise their heads," Mr Hough said.

"The obvious advice is just to ignore them as nothing is as good as it seems."

"There are red flags in that these scams lack specifics in not identifying the identity of the deceased."

"Lawyers also work on the instructions of their clients and in these cases the bogus law firm is giving the instructions which is now how the lawyer-client relationship works".

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